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5 Tips for Creating Balance in Your Life this New Year
Is your life truly in balance? Don’t be so quick to answer yes. Leading a balanced life doesn’t mean living 50/50 between your personal and business lives. It’s about having enough time to do what really matters to you, whether that’s turning a nice profit in business or spending quality time with your family.  (More...)
Top 10 New Years Resolutions for 2013
Many people say that setting New Year s Resolutions is a waste. That when you set goals in January, they are forgotten by February. However, others believe that just setting goals is enough to plan the seed in your subconscious that will grow all throughout the year. I am more of a New Years Resolution Goal Plan creator myself.  (More...)
Three entrepreneurial oldies but goodies
Today we are highlighting great strategies for your career and business. We have included tips for planning and budgeting your small business; tips on how to write a great slogan; and successful marketing strategies from a six-year old's lemonade stand. (More...)
Financial Goals and Resolutions for 2011
Welcome to 2011. After several years of a financial plan that included keeping your head above water, holding down your job and getting your expenses under control, it is now time to take more proactive steps for a truly powerful financial year. (More...)
Top 10 Finance and Career Goals for 2010
2010 proved to many to be a challenging and transitional year financially, but the LifeSpace users set and achieved countless goals in areas of finance, career, wealth building and retirement. Of all the goals created, the following are the top 10 templates used by the LifeSpace users in 2010 (More...)
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