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Have You Become Numb To Your Environment?
Becoming numb to your environment means you have tuned out your needs and are possibly operating from a place of survival. You might hear yourself saying something like “I just need to get through the day.” You may have become hopeless and have convinced yourself that doing the little things don’t matter. Miss Organized explains why this is am important area to address and change. (More...)
Zoning Out
Having your items grouped into zones makes it so you don’t have to take up too much space in your brain trying to remember where every single item you use is located. What a hassle that would be if you sat down to pay your bills and in order to use a stamp you had to get up and run into your car to get it. That’s one extra step that needs to take place in order to pay your bills and because of the inconvenience, chances are the activity of paying your bills will take twice as long or get postpon (More...)
The Power of Procedures
Being someone who places a very high value on being in control of my environment and workload, I've discovered the key to not letting things get too far out of my control is procedures. Although I still have a propensity for feeling stressed out when I haven't been keeping up with things, I don't stress out as much knowing that I can easily and quickly get back to balance when I take the time to do so. (More...)
How big is your but?
Miss Organized's Tracy Paye helps us understand the dynamics of your "buts" when it comes to understanding the true root of our resistance to purging and cleaning our environment.  (More...)
Organizing Your Car
Miss Organized's Tracy Paye writes: To operate our daily lives requires managing the physical stuff that you do have to lug around that goes along with the activities we perform every day like going to the gym, kids play time, business activities and social events. And the key to keeping all your stuff under control when you’re a person on the go is using the right storage solutions. (More...)
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