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I challenge you to live a life of health and wellness
It is my personal passion to help create a world of health, wellness and success by empowering people to gain knowledge, take action and inspire their communities. But with so much confusing and conflicting information out there on health, it is no wonder that people often get paralyzed into no action and ultimately live a life not at their peak. After years of studying all about what generates health and what causes disease, I believe that only 5% of disease comes from genetics (meaning it is (More...)
Inspiring health and fitness images
I loved finding this article showing pics of the 15 most inspiring health and fitness images of 2011. Not sure what's more inspiring... the 91 year old yoga instructor or the South African double amputee competing in the semifinals at the IAAF World Championships.  (More...)
Do you have SMART Health and Fitness Goals?
We covered SMART Goals and now are diving into SMART Health and Fitness Goals. When you create your LifeSpace Vision, you will have the opportunity to determine what is important to you over the next several years regarding your health and fitness. Having a clear vision of your future makes it much easier to determine the SMART goals you should be taking on today. (More...)
The Quickest, Easiest Way to Help Detoxify Your Body
Many of us have tried various cleanse products to remove toxins from our bodies. But have we ever bothered to examine what could be one of the most potentially toxic filled sources in our daily lives? We are exposed to the same toxins in seven minute shower as drinking a gallon of the same water. (More...)
Health and Fitness Goals and Resolutions for 2011
With 2011 here, it is time to let the holidays and relaxed workout schedules go and get refocused on our health and fitness goals for the year. After all, it is not only time to get in shape for winter sports, but also only a few months away from the sunshine of springtime. (More...)
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