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August Accelerate Your Results Challenge
oin me, Anne Bachrach, for an August Accelerate Your Results challenge to positively change your work habits forever. This challenge is to retrain your brain to focus on the highest payoff activities in your life by dedicating yourself to a minimum of one "high payoff" hour every day. (Two is even better!). For the entire hour, you are to delegate less important activities to others, turn off the e-mail, internet and other distractions, and work exclusively on your highest payoff activities that (More...)
Not Enough Time? You Can Change That Now!
Changing your relationship with time is a powerful and empowering act, especially in the fast-paced, multi-tasking, 21st century world we live in. So, how do you change your relationship with time? By understanding how time affects your life and how you operate within time. By exploring time, you can take control of how you use it. (More...)
5 Tips for Creating Balance in Your Life this New Year
Is your life truly in balance? Don’t be so quick to answer yes. Leading a balanced life doesn’t mean living 50/50 between your personal and business lives. It’s about having enough time to do what really matters to you, whether that’s turning a nice profit in business or spending quality time with your family.  (More...)
2012 Can Be The Year for The Career of Your Dreams!
As the year ends, ask your dreams to come forward. What is it that you want in your work? What work will make you happy? You have a right to a fulfilling work life. What do you dream of? (More...)
Top 10 New Years Resolutions for 2013
Many people say that setting New Year s Resolutions is a waste. That when you set goals in January, they are forgotten by February. However, others believe that just setting goals is enough to plan the seed in your subconscious that will grow all throughout the year. I am more of a New Years Resolution Goal Plan creator myself.  (More...)
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