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I challenge you to live a life of health and wellness
It is my personal passion to help create a world of health, wellness and success by empowering people to gain knowledge, take action and inspire their communities. But with so much confusing and conflicting information out there on health, it is no wonder that people often get paralyzed into no action and ultimately live a life not at their peak. After years of studying all about what generates health and what causes disease, I believe that only 5% of disease comes from genetics (meaning it is (More...)
AFC Half Marathon in 12 weeks - Free Training Program
Attention AFC Half Marathon runners. The LifeSpace Running community offers a free 12-week half-marathon training program. Are you running the AFC Half? We will get you trained to cross the finish line with a smile on your face. Get started with your Free AFC Half Marathon Training Program now. And we also have a 5K training program as well! (More...)
AFC Half Marathon and 5k Runners + Free Training Programs
The AFC Half-Marathon and 5k race is in San Diego, CA on Sunday, August 19, 2012. The LifeSpace Running Community is proud to cover this event and provide you with a community of half-marathon and 5k tools, tips and resources to help make training and running your half marathon or 5k an amazing experience. (More...)
5 Super Easy Tips For Better Running Form
People run ugly. It's sad, so this is my PSA, my one-man crusade to help you run beautifully. My form is far from perfect (I'll get to that later), but like a good literary critic, I don't necessarily have to write the next great American novel to recognize the next great American novel (it's Franzen's The Corrections, in case you were wondering), and recommend it. So, here are some quick and easy tips that will instantly improve your form.  (More...)
Dax's Introduction to Half-Marathon Coaching w Video
LifeSpace running coach, Dax Ross has created a half marathon coaching package that is customized based on your level of fitness and experience. Dax will build you a custom training program and walk you through all the important information you need. You can access Dax throughout the program for additional tips and trick to ensure a successful race. (More...)
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