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Here’s the Thing You Must Do if you Want to Be More Fit & Healthy in 2013
The most common mistake I see out there is that so many of us are still under the impression that the secret to being fit and healthy is to ‘eat less and exercise more‘. (More...)
7 Workout Challenges for the Fall
We have identified 7 awesome and inspiring workout challenges for the fall. These challenges will keep you motivated and accountable as you have fun competing with your friends and other participants while getting into great shape. Check out our fitness challenges for Women and men.  (More...)
How Your Orange Juice Is Making You Fat
I know what you are thinking, I have gone off the deep end, right? Orange juice has to be one of the healthiest drinks on the planet earth, right? After all, it is "all natural"...just made from fresh squeezed oranges, no preservatives or anything like that, right? (More...)
Organic vs. Non-Organic - When Does it Matter?
Choosing organic foods has several benefits for both you and the environment. (More...)
I challenge you to live a life of health and wellness
It is my personal passion to help create a world of health, wellness and success by empowering people to gain knowledge, take action and inspire their communities. But with so much confusing and conflicting information out there on health, it is no wonder that people often get paralyzed into no action and ultimately live a life not at their peak. After years of studying all about what generates health and what causes disease, I believe that only 5% of disease comes from genetics (meaning it is (More...)
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