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Is the Glass Half Empty or Half Full?
The world you perceive is a reflection of how your think about yourself. People seem negative to you because you filter out the positive things that don’t fit your own negativity. Look within yourself. By being grateful you will likely find yourself noticing more positive things in your life, dwelling less on negative or stressful events and feelings of ‘lack,’ and having a greater sense of appreciation for the people and things in your life. (More...)
Top 10 Fun, Family and Personal Goals for 2010
In 2010, thousands of goals were created and here are the most popular Travel, Entertainment, Household, Family, Spirituality and Contribution goal templates on LifeSpace (More...)
Finance Goals, Fitness Goals and Fun Goals for the Fall
I find the end of summer and the start of fall to be the perfect time to get a little more organized and dedicated to my goals for the year. Just as spring cleaning frees us of all signs of hibernation from the winter, fall is a great time to put away the casualness of summer and get in the mindset of completing some important projects before the year wraps up. (More...)
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